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Campi Rom: tra occupazione abusiva del suolo pubblico e tutela della dignità umana (Com. eur. dir. s

"The Committee recalls that illegal occupation of a site or dwelling may justify the eviction of the illegal occupants. However the criteria of illegal occupation must not be unduly wide, the eviction should take place in accordance with the applicable rules of procedure and these should be sufficiently protective of the rights of the persons concerned (European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC) v. Greece, Complaint No. 15/2003, decision on the merits of 8 December 2002004, § 51).

Moreover, when evictions must take place, they must be carried out (i) in conditions that respect the dignity of the persons concerned; (ii) in accordance with rules that are sufficiently protective of the rights of the persons concerned (European Federation of National Organisations working with the Homeless (FEANTSA) v. France, Complaint No. 39/2006, decision on the merits of 5 December 2007, § 163). The Committee also recalls that when evictions are justified by the general interest, the authorities must take steps to rehouse or financially assist the persons concerned (Conclusions 2003, France, Italy, Slovenia, Sweden)."

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