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Le garanzie della Carta sociale europea si applicano anche agli stranieri in situazione irregolare (

“66. When human dignity is at stake, the restriction of the personal scope should not be read in such a way as to deprive migrants in an irregular situation of the protection of their most basic rights enshrined in the Charter, nor to impair their fundamental rights, such as the right to life or to physical integrity or human dignity (Defence for Children International (DCI) v. Belgium, Complaint No. 69/2011, decision on the merits of 23 October 2012, §28).


71. The Committee reiterates that in certain cases and under certain circumstances, the provisions of the Charter may be applied to migrants in an irregular situation. The application of the Charter to migrants in an irregular situation is justified solely where excluding them from the protection afforded by the Charter would have seriously detrimental consequences for their fundamental rights, and would consequently place the foreigners in question in an unacceptable situation regarding the enjoyment of these rights, as compared with the situation of nationals or foreigners in a regular situation (DCI v. Belgium, cited above, §35).


105. … While an individual’s need must be sufficiently urgent and serious to entitle them to assistance under Article 13§4, this criterion must not be interpreted too narrowly. No conditions on the length of presence on the territory of the State Party in question may be set on the right to emergency assistance (Conclusions 2013, Montenegro).


144. In light of the Committee’s established case-law, shelter must be provided also to adult migrants in an irregular situation, even when they are requested to leave the country and even though they may not require that long-term accommodation in a more permanent housing be offered to them. The Committee again refers to its findings above under Article 13§4 and reiterates that the right to shelter is closely connected to the human dignity of every person regardless of their residence status. It considers that the situation, on the basis of which a violation has been found under Article 13§4, also amounts to a violation of Article 31§2”.

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