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Il diritto alla casa dei rom e dei nomadi: non esiste un obbligo di risultato in capo agli Stati, ma

"[...]The Committee agrees that the actual wording of Article 31 of the Charter cannot be interpreted as imposing on states an obligation of “results”. However, it notes that the rights recognised in the Social Charter must take a practical and effective, rather than purely theoretical, form (International Commission of Jurists v. Portugal, Complaint No. 1/1998, decision on the merits of 9 September 1999, §32).

This means that, for the situation to be in conformity with the treaty, states party must:

a. adopt the necessary legal, financial and operational means of ensuring steady progress towards achieving the goals laid down by the Charter;

b. maintain meaningful statistics on needs, resources and results;

c. undertake regular reviews of the impact of the strategies adopted;

d. establish a timetable and not defer indefinitely the deadline for achieving the objectives of each stage; e. pay close attention to the impact of the policies adopted on each of the categories of persons concerned, particularly the most vulnerable.

[...] With a view to ensuring the effective exercise of the right to protection against poverty and social exclusion, Article 30 requires States Parties to adopt an overall and coordinated approach, which should consist of an analytical framework, a set of priorities and measures to prevent and remove obstacles to access fundamental social rights".

Per il testo integrale della decisione, clicca qui.

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