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La tutela dei "fundamental social rights" dei nomadi (Com.eur.dir.soc., decision on the me

"The Committee also has regard to the General Comment No 7 of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights on the Right to adequate housing: forced evictions (1997) which explicitly mentions that the procedural protections should include an opportunity for genuine consultation with those affected; adequate and reasonable notice for all affected persons prior to the scheduled date of eviction; information on the proposed evictions, and, especially where groups of people are involved, government officials or their representatives to be present during an eviction. The Committee reiterates that living in a situation of poverty and social exclusion violates the dignity of human beings and that Article 30 of the Charter requires States Parties to give effect to the right to protection against poverty and social exclusion by adopting measures aimed at preventing and removing obstacles to access to fundamental social rights, in particular employment, housing, training, education, culture and social and medical assistance (Statement of interpretation on Article 30, Conclusions 2003). The Committee reiterates that such a co-ordinated approach should consist of an analytical framework, as well as of a set of priorities and measures to prevent and remove obstacles to access to fundamental social rights. Monitoring mechanisms should be put in place, involving all relevant actors, including the civil society and persons affected by exclusion and poverty. Policies should moreover be linked and integrated in a consistent way, that is in a manner reaching beyond a sectorial or a targeted group approach (International Movement ATD Fourth World v. France, cited above, §134)."

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