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Le condizioni del ricongiungimento familiare: le condizioni abitative (Com.eur.dir.soc., Conclusioni

"To meet the undertakings deriving from Article 19, States Parties must not just ensure that there is no discrimination between nationals and foreigners but also pursue a positive and continuous course of action. As to access to accommodation, it is impossible to feel satisfied by a mere affirmation of legal equality between immigrants and the local nationals when no indication is given of measures taken to ensure that immigrants are not in fact at a disadvantage, as is all too apt to happen when low-cost housing is being allocated. The inadequacy of the solutions to this problem has repercussions on re-uniting the families of migrant workers, which depends not only on administrative and legal measures but also on how easy or how difficult it is to find accommodation for the family (Conclusions I (1969), Statement of interpretation on Article 19). Requirements for sufficient or suitable accommodation to house family members should not be so restrictive as to prevent any family reunion (Conclusions IV (1975), Norway)."

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